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in terms of discipline, police say there will likely be criminal charges. the weapon, bb gun, the charges for that would be a misdemeanor. it would be possessing a prohibited weapon. live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> lindsey, to be clear, there were reports earlier that there was a student on the ground carrying a gun. you're saying to us, that gun was actually in a car. was a student actually carrying a gun at any point today? >> we were told by the school and by police that the student was not carrying the gun. that it never entered the classroom. now the police say that they are still investigating, that they are still trying to talk to students to find out exactly where this bb gun had been the entire time, but for right now, the school has insisted that the vehicle is where the bb gun had been the entire time. it was in back of the vehicle. >> all right, lindsey, thank you for that. west virginia's governor says family members of the men still
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missing after a mine explosion are holding on to a sliver of hope. but about an hour ago, officials announced the gas in the mine is too dangerous for rescuers to get back inside. this is all taking place in the tiny town of monte coal, west virginia. katherine brown has the latest. >> reporter: crews are making headway high above a west virginia mine where four men are still missing. they are drilling holes through a thousand feet of earth and rock. >> we put an exhausting fan on that hole. >> rescuers can't go back in until the gas gets vented out. investigators believe a buildup of methane contributed to the huge explosion that killed 25 miners on monday. but this is still a rescue operation until the other four miners are located. >> everyone is holding on to the hope that their dad or that's their brother or that's their son. >> crews on the surface are trying to send a signal to the missing men who may have been
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able to make it to an airtight chamber filled with food and water. >> the next option would be to go to that chamber. >> they can't give up hope that crews will find survivors. at the same time, they are trying to comfort those who have lost someone. barbra, a volunteer at the new life assembly church helped a man whose friend didn't make it. >> it's like a marine sergeant or something and he busts into tears. it broke my heart. >> the federal government named a special team to investigate what went wrong at the upper big branch mine. they'll take a close look at the operator's compliance with safety standards. even after mining officials determined it was safe, it will take between four and six hours for them to reach the place where they believe these missing miners are located. live tonight in west virginia, i'm katherine brown, back to
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you. >> sky 9 was over the scene of a big brush fire. the flames charred 40 to 50- acres in hardy county. a man was burning brush when he lost control of that fire. he could be sited by the state division of natural resources. today's heat was too much for the district of columbia. classes were canceled. temperatures reach upwards of 95 degrees and classrooms on the higher floors were simply uncomfortable. evening classes also off tonight. the campus has an air- conditioning system. officials expect classes will be back to normal tomorrow. and indeed all across our area, it was another day in the 90s in april. topper, what's happening next? >> it is unbelievable. two months ago, we had this much snow out here on the terrace. more records fell today. now, the record high at national was safe. we talked about that yesterday. that was always safe, but the record high at dulles has
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already fallen. the record high, 84 and it's already hit 91. so that is in the bag, so to speak, but again at national, haven't hit 90 yet. not going to hit 94. 90, not quite yet in martinsburg and not hit 93 in baltimore. but it will be the third record in a row for dulles. right now, 93 in leesburg. 85 downtown. 90 in manassas. 90 all the way up to haggerstown and cumberland. now, for tonight we are looking at partly cloudy skies, breezy, still mild. in fact, almost summer like. the nats are in town hosting the phillies. what a great night to see a ball game. lows tonight in the 60s. winds out of the southwest and gusty. we will come back and talk about the potential for big thunderstorms tomorrow and have the hurricane forecast. dr. gray's forecast is up. we'll let you know how many hurricanes are forecast this tropical season. >> metro says subway traffic is moving through mount vernon
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square station again following a suicide attempt. a woman reportedly jumped in front of a six car green line train this afternoon. he was taken to the hospital with serious life threatening injuries. that incident led to significant delays on the yellow and green lines throughout the afternoon. former maryland governor, robert urlich makes it official. he wants his old job back. >> today, i ask for your help for your assistance respectfully as i announce my candidacy for the governorship for the grate state of maryland. >> republican chose montgomery county, the state's largest jurisdiction for the launch pad for his candidacy. governor martin o'malley says he is not ducking a fight. after two years of bitter debate, the washington teacher's union reached a tentative agreement. both sides say they came out ahead. bruce johnson reports on what is in this new deal. >> this is a union busting
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contract. >> the demonstrations by fire teachers continue today as their union president gathered with mayor fenty. michelle to announce a tentative contract agreement, ending more than two years of fighting. >> at the end of the day, it is about performance for children. >> the agreement gives all teachers salary increases beginning at 20% over a five- year period, and chancellor adds, there will be bonus pay based on student performance. >> a beginning teacher could go from earning $40,000 per year, add on the performance bonuses to up to $70,000 per year. that's no small change. >> under the new agreement announced today. teacher placement will be performance and not seniority based. chancellor appears to have given no ground. the teacher contract reflects her views that teaching is no longer a job for life, but a job based on student results. >> what we have done is added
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more transparency about what that's going to look like. >> vice president of the teacher's union says the new contracts, like the old one, giving reid too much authority to fire senior teachers. >> she has strength in terms of being able to terminate employees, good and bad employees. >> teacher's union says teachers will have more research for development and retraining. when fired from one school, they can now apply for vacant positions in another. >> does that mean there will not be other issues that pop up? no, that does not mean that. >> private firms have agreed to donate about $64 million to public schools to help cover some of the bonus pay for high achieving teachers. >> the agreement -- >> so after all this back and forth, what made this happen now? >> they didn't say today, but we do know a couple of things. number one, there was political pressure to get this thing done now. the mayor is faying vincent
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gray in the upcoming september democratic primary and the teacher's yon yon, he is facing a serious challenge from the vice president. nathan saunders, there was pressure to get this done now. funeral services were held today for two more victims of last week's mass shooting. both were killed during a drive by shooting in the district last tuesday night. 19-year-old william henry jones the third was remembered in southeast dc. and friends and family also paid their respects to 18-year- old devon boyd. his funeral was held today at the pope funeral hope in forestville, maryland. police arrested three people, including a 14-year-old boy in connection with the shooting. a fourth suspect is still on the run. we have a health alert about a very popular procedure involving injections that are supposed to be used to help melt away fat. the food and drug administration says spas claiming lipodissolve products are misleading.
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officials say chemicals used in the products haven't been evaluated for safety. there have been reports to the government of scarring, inflammation, even some reports of liver failure. the fat fighting injections also go by names such as lipostable, flap jab and niso therapy. an update on the fairfax county man charged with indecent exposure in his own home. eric williamson was arrested after a woman reported seeing him naked in his springfield home. he testified today, he didn't think anybody could see him and he has a right to be naked in his own home. the jury agreed, he was acquitted. an unusual dui arrest leaves a man behind bars. antonio got out of his truck, forgot to put it in truck, and that vehicle rolled back into a police cruiser. he failed a field sobriety test. he was arrested. that police cruiser suffered miner damage. time for a check on the
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evening rush hour, it's hot out there patranya, how do the roads look? >> it is hot out there, but commuters are behaving out there on the whole. we are looking live at 395. a beautiful drive home. no accidents or incidents reported heading south, just the typical delays you are seeing. switch on over to our next stop. right now between 495 and 7100, we are looking at a drive time around 30 minutes. the earlier crash -- that has been pushed off to the left shoulder and finally, we are going to end it on 495. moving a little bit better here on the outer loop. no incidents reported here either. lesli, anita, back to you. you can call him the octopus, that is a name the national zoo chose today for its new giant pacific octopus. 57% of more than 7,000 people who voted online chose
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octavius. the 2 1/2-year-old, 3-foot long octopus arrived in january. he could grow up to 25 feet in length. well, it didn't fit at the smithsonian, now the suit that oj was wearing when he was acquitted of murder has a new home. it was october of 1995 when the not guilty verdict was handed down. the donation to the museum ends a lengthy court dispute between the manager and fred goldman, the father of simpson's ex- wife. virginia governor, bob mcdonald in the cross hairs of controversy. anger over his decision to bring back confederate month. buying and selling homes, coming up, how to keep yours safe from open house thieves. i'm scott broome in north laurel, where police investigators are trying to get to the bottom of two shootings that left four people wounded last night. today, police said they are not related. the details are coming up. "
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i have breaking news from hudson, ohio. a construction worker has just been rescued from a trench collapse. he was freed after a retaining wall gave way six hours ago. that man is being flown to the hospital right now. a second worker was not as fortunate. he was pronounced dead on the scene. it was a remarkably violent night and it has two separate neighborhoods on edge. two overnight shootings left four people in the hospital and they are not related. scott broome has more on the investigation that rocked north laurel. >> a helicopter called the north laurel last night to save lives in the wake of wild gunfire in two neighborhoods. two incidents that happen almost simultaneously. >> directly in front of me -- >> one of the shootings happened outside the door just before 1:00 a.m. it involved teenage boys. >> i heard fireworks. i heard the pop, pop, pop, but this was louder. >> a masked gunman walked up
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on three teens walking and opened fire. a 16-year-old fell to the sidewalk. another boy was shot in the face. the gunman fled. >> two people were shot -- >> less than a mile and a half away and two minutes later, a fight was breaking out. two men age 26 and 32 were struck in the legs by gunfire and survived. and one badly shaken woman's trailer was hit with bullet holes. >> we are less than 12 hours into these investigations. >> the police chief says the coincidence is remarkable, but there's no evidence that the shooting incidents are related. >> there's no information we have that say they are related. there other kids were reluctant to share information today. they don't know the motive for this apparently targeted attack. police have not released the identities of the two wounded teens because of their ages, but kids in the neighborhood say they are both students at
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nearby reservoir county. both boys are recovering from their wounds at shock trauma in baltimore. in north laurel, scott broome, 9news now. >> a third shooting in clarksville early last night left a 25-year-old man wounded. that incident may have been drug related. there have been no arrests in any of the incidents so far. the search continues for a gunman who shot two people in virginia. a man and a woman were seriously wounded monday night while enjoying the sunset at rockpoint overlook. both of them are still in the hospital. police are investigating the possibility the parkway shootings and the unsolved murders of two virginia tech students in jeffson national forest are linked. the virginia man charged with killing eight people last january were in court yesterday. a judge postponed the arraignment of 39-year-old christopher. he spoke only to a name and birthday dufertion the appearance. he surrenderedded a day after the shootings. there are reports he feared he was evicted. maryland lawmakers are
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working on a budget compromise to reopen two highway visitors. the closest one to us is located on u.s. route 15. the overlook welcome center on interstate 68 would reopen under the proposal. state legislatures are hoping counties will pick up some of the cost. there was another earthquake on the indonesian island. no immediate reports of casualties from the 7.7 magnitude quake. it triggered a tsunami warning that was later canceled. an earthquake triggered a tsunami back in 2004 and killed nearly 226,000 people. the death toll is up to 95 from flooding. the heaviest rains in decades flooded the roads, causing massive mud slides, leaving hundreds of people homeless. most flights into and out of the city are canceled. more than 9 inches of rain have fallen in the last 24 hours. >> for the first time, experts
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announced their atlantic coast hurricane forecast. topper is in the weather center with a look at those predictions as well as a look back. top. >> looks like our el nino is going to die out. actually a pretty quiet season. why? well because we had a stronger el nino. so we had nine named storms. three were hurricanes. we didn't have a storm until august, however, the late bloomer. two major hurricanes, but no hurricanes made land fall. tropical storm did, but no hurricanes made land fall. this year, dr. gray thinks this is going to happen. 15 named storms. 15 is average. eight hurricanes, four of those will become major hurricanes. the atlantic will be warming. el nino will be waning. that's why we think it's going to be a more active season and i agree. 15 may be high, but you get the picture. 13 is average, so it's not
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crazy high. what is el nino? it's the warming of the waters off the pacific, off the coast of south america. it occurs during christmas, fishing is bad, fishermen go home and repair their boats, but this is dying. when we have a strong el nino, we are going to have more hurricanes. some names, alex will be the first one, then bonnie, collin, and danielle. hurricane season starts june 1 and goes through the month of november. okay, next three days for us, temperatures on the way down. windy tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon. some could be heavy. some could be severe. 79. 60 on friday, returning partly cloudy. 62 on saturday. we would be jumping for joy with that temperature, but we are spoiled. tonight, partly cloudy, breeze six still mild. lows in the 60s. again, a great night to go see
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the ball game. 89 in bethesda. 90 in reston. 91 in sterling and 91 in leesburg. now tomorrow morning, clouds on the increase, windy and mild. should stay dry. 60s and 70s and by afternoon, windy, not as hot, showers, thunderstorms, some could be heavy. a few could be severe. high temperatures near 80. winds southwesterly at 15 to 25 and gusty. all right, next seven days, 80 tomorrow afternoon storms. cooler than friday and saturday. maybe a few clouds linger friday morning, but partly cloudy and 60. a very nice weekend. lots of sunshine. low 60s on saturday. almost 70 on sunday. 70 on monday. and maybe a few showers or sprinkles tuesday and wednesday and cooler. temperatures go back into the low 60s. >> much more appropriate for this time of year. >> it is, yes, you're right. thanks, topper. have you seen a bunch of signs for open houses going up in your neighborhood? april is one of the busiest
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months to buy and sell a home. it's also a busy time for thieves. we'll tell you how to keep your home safe coming up. ♪
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it is one of the biggest to hold an open house and more people may be spurred on by the first time tax credit that expired by the end of the month. before you rush to open your doors to strangers, take some steps to protect your valuables. >> phyllis knows what to do before her home shows. she learned a lesson when a potential buyer stole a pricey necklace. >> it is my fault, because i left it laying out. >> not anymore, the homeowner likes to think she has taken away all the temptation. now that her home son the market and the first open house is scheduled for the weekend. >> hide it well. under the pillows, but somewhere where they wouldn't look. >> they have removed everything. >> real estate agent and former channel 9 employee, yolanda says before you put your home on the market, be sure to cleans it of anything that could help an identity thief get a head start. >> you shouldn't have people coming in knowing where you work, knowing where you went to
5:24 pm
school, your name, all your information. >> we did a home walk through to offer you some safety advice before you list your home. the pictures on the fridge, got to go, and watch your cabinets, too. >> we have medicine and various personal items that should definitely not be in here. >> make sure the knives are put away in the kitchen. >> not only do we have money, but we also have jewelry. >> pay attention to what is outside your home, too. >> the bushes are even and they are not ab instructing anything. >> and get an electronic lock box on your door. >> i know everybody who has been in the lock box, plus, you can change what time they can come in. >> with her home fully secure, phyllis hopes someone makes an offer she can't refuse. >> ears another reason to keep safety in mind, last october, two men were charged with stealing items from open houses across the area.
5:25 pm
protect yourself. plan an exit route ahead of time. have your friends and family stop by to check in, and at the end of the open house, have your realtor and someone else check every room and every closet to make sure no one is hiding inside. it does happen. we also have breaking news to tell you about. an arrest has been made in connection with a shooting on the blue ridge parkway. a parkway official says the unidentified suspect was taken into custody this afternoon. two people were shot watching the sunset at rockpoint overlook monday night. they are both hospitalized at the university of virginia medical center in charlottesville. still ahead, science says there's no connection between vaccines and autism, but it hasn't stopped the debate here in our area. plus, the chairman of the master's hurled some strong words at tiger woods today. we'll have a live report. virginia's governor declares april confederate history month. i'm suray chin. i'll have that story straight ahead.
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welcome back. two students at the exclusive high school in washington could face discipline for bringing a gun to campus. now that weapon turned out to
5:29 pm
be a bb gun and it was recovered from a student car. a violent night left two neighborhoods on edge in north laurel. four people ended up in the hospital in two separate shootings. howard county police do not believe the incidents are related. high levels of poisonous methane gas are still keeping rescuers out of the mine in west virginia. 25 workers were killed in monday's blast at the mine. four miners still missing inside. for the first time in eight years, virginia's governor declares april confederate history month. the two previous governors refused to make similar proclamations honoring confederate soldiers. suray chin joins us live with more on this controversy. >> it has a lot of people talking. i sat down with a man who helped put this marker right here on main street in fairfax. he talked about how his ancestors fought in the civil war and he is proud to honor them. >> this particular flag here,
5:30 pm
my wife made, this was the very first confederate battle flag. >> ed proudly displays the battle flag of the confederacy and the stars and bars. >> my ancestors were part of that, and i take pride in that. >> so much so, he has written books about his great grandfathers and a dozen ancestors who fought in the civil war. >> this is the confederate flag. the first national confederate flag. >> he says the conflicts fought on battlefields in virginia were not about slaves, but about preserving the constitution and individual rights. he embraces the move that governor bob mcdonald proclaims april confederate history month. >> that's just crazy. >> virginiaens react with strong emotions. >> that has no place. i mean, i know we are virginia, but that's ridiculous that he would do that and not refer to slavery, either. i mean, this guy is just a real
5:31 pm
idiot, i think. >> not everything needs to be remembered. it was a very painful, unpleasant part of this country's history. >> about educating our youth, then i think it's good. >> it's these flags that invoke controversy, but it wants people to honor and remember history. >> it's a part of our history and we are the country we are because we suffered through the pain. >> now the naacp released this statement, quote, this decision by the governor disrespects history and the people of virginia and is a tragic break from his republican predecessors who acknowledged the painful legacy of slavery. he is referring to mcdon proclaiming and not proclaiming slavely on that website statement. lesli. >> someone say this is a rather distortion of history, others are saying that this was a political move to increase his conservative base. what are people saying? >> well, i talked with larry,
5:32 pm
he's a political analyst of course, and he already has that, and he is saying that he wanted to do this quietly, so he put it on his website. there's been enormous backlash. this is going to be a part of his permanent record. lesli. >> thanks for that. today's 9news now web poll asks, if you think confederate history is important to honor and whether it should be honored as part of virginia's past or promotes racism. so far, 57% of you who have spoken, or at least said something online agree with governor bob mcdonald's decision. register your vote at in a couple of hours, president barack obama takes off for prague. he will find a nuclear arms treaty with russia. the signing comes just before next week's global nuclear summit that will be here in dc.
5:33 pm
everything from childhood obesity to the economy was in the spotlight today at the white house. first lady, michelle obama hosted a let's move town hall style event. she encouraged the audience to make healthier choices and get more active and grow into fit and healthy adults. i had the opportunity to talk one on one with the first lady today at the white house. you can see my sit down interview with michelle obama throughout the day tomorrow on 9news now. and a reminder that these days we know you are getting up earlier than ever, so are we. tune in to 9news now tomorrow morning beginning at 4:25 a.m. the shuttle discovery seven- person crew is aboard the international space station this evening and they were welcomed aboard the orbiter. four women are aboard the same spacecraft. it is scheduled to last more than a week. unseasonally warm for this time of year. an april evening that feels like a summer night, top. >> it really does and baseball, you go see a game
5:34 pm
tonight and what a game to see. here's your out and about forecast. between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., temperatures are going to be between 80 and 90 degrees. is this april? our low was 64. that's our average high to put things in perspective. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 20. that will keep it kind of comfortable and keep it warm, at least for a while. all right, time for the closeup now. well, of course there's lesli's closeup. that's a good close up too and that's a good close up. the county needs to be in county close up. 80 in fairfax. 80 tomorrow, primarily afternoon storms, all right. i think the morning will be okay. in fact, the morning may well be golfable. 80 in lorton. not quite as hot, but very, very warm. downtown, we should make 80. 81 cleveland park. 81 capitol hill, and again primarily afternoon storms and we'll move over to prince georges county and here, too,
5:35 pm
you are going to make it into the 80s. 80 in clinton. 80 in bowie and again, just primarily afternoon storms. the morning should be dry, although clouds will be on the increase. all right. next three days. temperatures tomorrow near 80. showers and thunderstorms. then it gets cool. temperatures will struggle to get to 60 on friday. a few clouds in the morning and sunshine on saturday and temperatures in the low 60s. we will come back and take you through the rest of the weekend and talk about milder air returning. lesli, anita, back to you. the cbs evening news is less than an hour away. maggie rodriguez is in tonight for anchor, katie couric. she joins us live from new york city with a preview. good to see you. >> hi lesli. a long, hot day. it felt like august here, too. so you are not alone out there in washington. coming up tonight here on the cbs evening news, we'll talk about goldman sax. they took big risks and took your taxpayer bailout.
5:36 pm
now it set aside $16 billion in bonuses. so what is really going on? we investigate tonight. plus, we'll tell you how one golfer is using his love of the game to help others and inspire them to overcome their obstacles. look for those stories tonight on the cbs evening news right after 9news now. back to you guys. >> you look great, see you later. coming up, despite the results of a recent study, the debate over vaccines cause autism continues, especially among some parents. but first, caught on tape. a driver breaks up a fight that breaks out on a city bus.
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
caught on tape, chilling video of a violent car accident in florida. in this bus surveillance camera, you can see a car pulling up and then in a split second, a man runs into
5:39 pm
traffic. the car slams into a man, sending him flying into the air like a rag doll, amazingly, that man survived. he did break his back and suffer some serious head injuries. wow. the driver says the image from the wreck keeps playing over and over in his mind. >> the second before he hit the car, i tried to swerve. i don't want to say it was his fault, but it is. if you don't pay attention to traffic, then this could happen to anybody. >> that accident happened three weeks ago, no word on why the victim ran into the road or what charges will be filed in the case. two females became combative as they tried to board the vehicle after exchanging several punches, even kicks, the driver was able to get the duo off the bus. police took the women in for custody. patranya, how are things looking? >> cases of road rage definitely go up as the temperatures rise. definitely pack a lot of
5:40 pm
patience wherever you go. you need a lot of it if you are on 270 heading northbound. take a look at all the slowdowns heading towards montgomery village avenue and drivers will be on the break. just volumes, no accident. same story in the district as we take a live shot at m street and capital. a lot of congestion to deal with. we'll see a lot of extended delays tonight with the nats game playing in two hours from now. a lot of traffic going on around there and metro will be busy as well. guys, back to you. >> coming up, a tennis great announces she is battling breast cancer. and the head of the master's tournament has choice words for tiger woods. science says there's no link between vaccines and autism, but many parents disagree. today, a local panel of experts looks into this controversy. i'm peggy fox, i'll have the story coming up. and i'm topper shutt, record high at dulles, 91. 90 and 63 at national. not good enough for a record.
5:41 pm
record high was 94. we have a record low of 24. we'll come back and talk about a pretty cold cold front and some thunderstorms. stay tuned. "
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hi! welcome to
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. the associated press learned five days before toyota announced a massive recall, a u.s. company executive wrote in an internal e-mail, quote, we need to come clean about accelerator problems. toyota's recently retired group wrote the time to hide on this one is over. the internal e-mail came as toyota officials were on their way to washington to discuss the problems with federal regulators. >> extra doses of antioxidant vitamins do not help cut the chances of one of the most dangerous complications of pregnancy. it's a potentially deadly spike in blood pressure that can
5:45 pm
spike as the pregnancy increases. this nih funded study that is out in the new england journal of medicine says the supplements don't make a difference. so, the take home message to women, stick to your prenatal multivitamin. the debate over autism and vaccines keeps on going. despite a recent court ruling and a lot of scientific evidence that found no connection between the two. a local group of experts address the controversy today and what they call a dangerous movement against vaccines. peggy fox reports. >> katherine believes without a doubt that her son adam's autism was caused by a vaccine. >> he hit all the milestones. he developed normally and at 18 months, started losing self- help skills. stopped feeding himself with a fork or a spoon. >> she's not swayed by a recent court ruling that found it does not cause autism. >> if this vaccine has it, do
5:46 pm
not use it. >> that worries doctors, who is part of a panel discussion at the universities at shady grove today. >> we know that's not true. there are now so many studies and now there are court cases that support us. the reality is, if you have an autistic child, you want a cause. >> the panelist says there have always been groups that opposed vaccines and plenty other diseases with no known cause. >> so people are looking for an answer and once somebody comes up with a theory, it becomes attractive. what is striking to me, this theory has been refuted so clearly. >> if the antivaccine movement continues to grow, more and more parents will refuse to get their kids vaccinated, leaving them vulnerable to a host of dangerous diseases. >> katherine walker says she's not against all vaccines, just those with this. >> the fda and everyone else involved to ensure that what we are giving our babies and our
5:47 pm
children is safe? >> in alexandria, peggy fox, 9news now. what do you think about vaccines? autism? or vaccines in general? go to and share your opinion. tennis great has been diagnosed with breast cancer. a biopsy the following month determined it was a noninvasive cancer. or dcis, it's an early type of breast cancer. she had a lumpectomy in march and will start radiation therapy next month. her prognosis is excellent. whitney houston is postponing the start of her european tour due to a respiratory infection. allow her to recover. a spokesperson says all the concert dates will be rescheduled. prince william about to pop the question?
5:48 pm
a well connected royal biographer says they have mysteriously cleared its diary on june 3 and 4 and some are speculating the heir to the thrown and his long-term girlfriend announced plans to tie the knott. that could set the stage for a november wedding. >> officially, when there's an engagement announcement, they have a wedding shortly after the engagement and they don't like these things to be long and drawn out, that gives time for rumor and gossip. >> the couple has been keeping a low profile this year and this wedding could make perfect sense. they say prince william wouldn't want to over shadow his grandmother, the queen, when she celebrates her 60th anniversary next year. >> i love that there are royal watchers. that's their job. i love how they schedule two dates just in case. just in case you decide. >> come on, you know, just in case. >> 90 here, but cold in the
5:49 pm
rockies and maybe snow tonight in chicago. because they've had some snow out there, they extended the season in parts of bail. a couple will go through april 18. they had up to 19 inches there and not a bunch of snow. they are going to give it a two more week extension. for us, our temperatures should be going down, but not quite that much. tomorrow, windy, showers and storms in the afternoon. highs near 80, though. 60 on friday. maybe a few clouds in the morning and sunshine and brisk on saturday, but a nice day. high temperatures in the low 60s. for tonight, partly cloudy, lows only in the 60s. winds southwest at 10 to 20 and gusty. temperatures right now, 91 in leesburg. 90 in baltimore, but still, plenty of 90s. 91 in fredericksburg and 90 in cumberland. that's unbelievable. that will be average, if we were in the middle of july, but we are not. tomorrow morning, clouds on the
5:50 pm
increase, should stay dry. winds southwest 15 to 25 and gusty. winds stay with us through the afternoon. afternoon showers and storms and also toward everyoning, some could be heavy, a few could be severe. despite that, we are going to hit 80 degrees tomorrow. slight risk of severe weather through the mid atlantic into parts of new england with that front, we'll keep you posted. of course, we are always on our future cast, some clouds tomorrow morning. morning commute is going to be dry, no doubt about that. we'll be in good shape through the afternoon. and showers get in here by evening with thunderstorms and they will roll through the metro area during the evening rush. 80 tomorrow. afternoon storms, and then 60 on friday. again, maybe some clouds to start, but a pretty decent day, much cooler. low 60s on saturday. beautiful on sunday. sunshine and 70. maybe a few sprinkles and cooler on tuesday and wednesday. highs in the low 60s. >> nice bright balls of sunshine. >> the master's wants the
5:51 pm
money tiger brings in and today they had a few choice words for them, too. >> and a lot of people object to, based on what billy payne, the ceo had to say today. very cutting comments from him. all the talk at agusta has been, let's say, cautiously positive and encouraging, but today the head of the masters gave the world's greatest golfer a very public tongue lashing in what some are describing grand standing hypocrisy and piling on for that matter. randall is live at augusta tonight with the fallout from today's comments. good evening randall. >> reporter: hello, brett. i'm going to let you characterize the reaction to mr. payne's comments. until now, tiger woods had been received very warmly, everyone was speaking positively. we spoke at a minimum, 20 odd patrons, fans of the masters and no one had anything bad to say and the players themselves were respectful and all saying that tiger can deal with his personal issues as he starts to
5:52 pm
get his career back on track. but as you mentioned, the chairman of the masters had something very critical to say. [ applause ] >> tiger woods was playful during his final practice round. here, he tries to disrupt his playing partner's put. to the delight of the crowd. [ applause ] fans and players have welcomed tiger back, and many of his fellow golfers have been careful with their comments, but the chairman of the master's attorneyment did not miss words about the sex scandal that sidelined woods for five months. >> it is not simply the degree of his conduct. it is the fact that he disappointed all of us and more importantly, our kids and our grandkids. >> payne says he hopes woods takes advantage of his second chance. >> we at augusta hope and pray that our great championship will begin his new life here tomorrow in a positive, hopeful, and constructive manner. >> shortly after payne spoke,
5:53 pm
the pretournament par 3 competition got underway. woods skipped it, which is not uncommon for top players. woods will be on the course thursday when the masters gets underway with huge crowds following his every move. >> at the golf shop, business is brisk. >> rain jacket, golf shirt, towels, ball markers, hat. >> fans realize this is not an average golf tournament. >> i mean, i have my picture, my camera, so i can take 528 pictures and i think i'll take all 528 pictures. >> and a record audience is expected to be watching as tiger woods tries to win the master's for a fifth time. >> tomorrow, tiger woods is supposed to tee off at 1:46 p.m. and says he will try to win. brett. >> all right randall, thanks very much. randall live at augusta. we are hearing that a new nike commercial involving tiger woods will debut tonight on
5:54 pm
various sports outlets and that the commercial will make reference to the scandal. so be watching for that and show it to you at 11:00 tonight. >> thanks. 9news now at 6:00 is a few minutes away. coming up new, we'll take you inside the halfway house, gilbert arenas will call home. we'll tell you if business is booming there, plus, a three- car merger that equals savings to you. three car giants are teaming up. first, another way the irs is trying to catch tax chiefs. and we are always on at stay with us, 9news now at 6:00 is just minutes away. ñ ów
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5:57 pm
on wall street, stocks slipped lower. the dow finished the day down 72 points. the nasdaq dropped 5 points and the s & p 500 dropped 7 points. there's a little known piece of the tax code that could bring you unexpected money. >> the irs offers tax bounties for people who turns in tax
5:58 pm
chiefs. but there are pitfalls you need to consider before you blow the whistle. >> sometimes the numbers just don't add up. maybe a boss, a coworker, a spouse is fudging the books. linda says the irs can make it worth your while to turn in that tax chief. >> the irs has a program called the whistle blowers. first, you have to locate someone you know and find some documentation that would prove it. >> the irs is more than 140 years old. here's how it works. if you snitch on a tax cheater, you could be paid up to 30% on all the tax and penalties collected as a result of your tip, and because we are talking about the irs, there's a form to fill out. >> they are going to ask you what is the name of the claim? that would be you. >> while your identity will be kept a secret, there could be serious consequences to snitching. >> i had one lady who was a
5:59 pm
married lady and she had a big grudge against her ex-husband to be. >> he thought his lifestyle was richer than his paycheck, so she turned him in, and there went all of his income. so she doesn't receive any alimony. >> the stakes can be high when you are reporting a federal crime. the form is available on the irs website. we have a link on the living smart page at you can also call the agency's fraud hot line at 1-800-8299- 0433 for help. jessica doyle, 9news now. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. >> from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> there's -- i don't care where you go. you aren't going to find a safe mine. >> crews are making steady progress drilling down into the west virginia mine where four men are still missing and we haom
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